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Working with Textured Hair & Makeup for Medium to Deep Skin Tones Workshop coming in 2024. 

Annie Little




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Nic Collins

Workshop Educators -  get training in Scotland 

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Become familiar with, feel more confident about and get more practice working on hair and makeup on people of colour. If you are a professional HMUA in Film or TV andon't get the time or opportunities to work on people of colour. 

Annie Little

Calma Ritchie-Polack

Nic Collins 

are running 2x 3-day workshops on how to work with textured hair types & makeup for medium to deep skin tones. 

Open only to HMUAs living & working in Scotland & Northern Ireland on this occasion. 

JAN 2024 / FEB 2024 - in GLASGOW

Annie Little Hair Arts in association with Nic Collins present BLCKSTR - a series of hair and makeup workshops, sponsored by ScreenSkills HighEnd TV Fund.

Past Workshop

I was invited to Dresden Fine Arts University to help final year HMUA students understand how to work with hair and make up on people of colour. For 3 days, artists who had never touched textured hair before nor for many, never interacted with many people of colour - this was an experience.  Both models and artists didn't want to, and wouldn't leave the class at the end of each day. They were having fun, were ambitious and wanted to work.

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